Regular Grounding Does A Body Good!

Hope you enjoyed your day and are able to spend some time outside this week…
Spending time in nature is relaxing and calming (unless you’ve got seasonal allergies which can be a bummer, I know). Whether you have your feet in the sand or the ocean, you’re camping, or you’re taking a hike in a forest full of trees, most will agree that they feel less stressed and refreshed from a good dose of Mother Nature.

“Regular grounding restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill on Earth can do what Mother Earth does!” Dr. Stephen Sinatra

It also keeps your first energy centre (chakra in Sanskrit) located at the base of your spine nice and healthy. A distorted first chakra can lead to: eating disorders, malnourishment, adrenal insufficiency, problems with feet/legs/coccyx, rectal or colon cancer, spinal problems, immune related disorders, osteoporosis or other bone disorders.

Watch below to hear more physical benefits of grounding.
Easy and cheap. Go on, get grounding! 😉

“Grounding” / “Earthing”

In this video, Dr. Sinatra discusses “grounding,” or “Earthing,” the direct and indirect means of improving health by absorbing the earth’s natural, electrom…

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